i am a writer.

i am a writer.

i am a writer.

say it three times fast, while drinking a glass of water and driving a go-cart.

i am a writer. i am also–and there will always be more than one ‘also’ to be added because i inhabit an intersection of identities–a feminist, woman, mother, person with disabilities, visual artist, grandmother, activist, grower of flowers and herbs…environmentalist, owner of multiple power tools, lover of fine bed linens…

i have started this blog because i write stuff and i am taking the next step: seeking readers.




  1. Thanks for following WordSisters! Judging from your About post, we share many of the same interests–interests that show up in my blogs (Although I haven’t written about fine bed linens yet, I could — they’re a wonderful thing!) I enjoyed Birthdays and look forward to reading more of your work.


  2. Hello Frankie,

    I see you are also a writer with disabilities – will you be writing about the experience of living with a disability? We need to make ourselves more visible by writing about ourselves in a way that lets people understand the realities of living with physical limits, a life when you definitely can’t apply the naive and very American aphorism: “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

    I’ve also been writing all my life (well, since the age of 5 at least) and, after losing my high-tech career to the chronic pain of EDS & Fibro, it’s about the only productive work I can still do (as long as my fingers cooperate). I’m trying to apply my remaining skill to “pain activism” in the hopes of opening people’s eyes to the lives of people living with disabling pain.

    Writing the truth sets it free for all to see.

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    1. Hi Zyp: thanks for your message. i agree completely with your position on disability activism — particularly (from my side of the gurney) for invisible disabilities. i have been writing about my experiences as a person with disabilities for a number of years, but so far have not made that blog public. i write in partnership with another person and we are each other’s witnesses. however, i have been thinking for some time that i want to speak publicly. encouragement from folks like you is terribly important!

      on another note — i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalomyelitis) years ago, but only yesterday i was diagnosed with ehlers-danlos syndrome hypermobility type. so i am in the midst of shock and no little rage. it helped to read about others’ experiences with EDS as i sat up late into the night trying to process this new diagnosis.

      all the best,

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